[v6 General Discussion] Change Start-Up Profile

Let's say that the shared Church profile is corrupt. Or just messed up to the extent that it you've given up after waiting 10+ minutes for EZW to load. Now the long-term solution is to fix the profile. But let's say you've got the Sunday Service about to begin.
Fortunately you've got the EasyWorship schedule file that you made on your home PC. And embedded in the schedule are the songs words you need for this Service. You don't need the EasyWorship database. Just the software to read the schedule.
So all you need is to open EasyWorship with it pointing at the blank default profile, and then open up today's schedule.
But to change the profile, you need to use Profiles Manager inside of EasyWorship. But because the profile is corrupt you can't open EasyWorship.

What's the solution?

I'm guessing that somewhere on this computer there's a setting that says "When opening EasyWorship, open to this profile"...
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This is a good question and I'm glad you asked it. There is a switch you can add to the shortcut to make the profile manager appear.
Right click on the EasyWorship icon.
Click On properties.
In the shortcut tab in the Target: field after the last quotation add a space, then the word profilename
Click OK
Now when you open EW it will bring up the profile manager.
You can also make a copy of the shortcut and use the profile name switch to like this profilename=localprofilename
Examples of how it will look in the target field:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Softouch\Easyworship 6\Easyworship.exe" profilename

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Softouch\Easyworship 6\Easyworship.exe" profilename=localprofile

If your profilename has a space in it, you need to define it in quotes like this.
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Softouch\Easyworship 6\Easyworship.exe" profilename="new profile"

I hope this helps.