[v6 General Discussion] Runtime error 216 at 004079C6

System Info:
Version: EW 6 Build 4.8
Windows: 7 6.1.7601 SP Build 7601
System: x64-based PC Intel i5 CPU 760
Total Physical Memory: 7.96GB
Available Physical: 5.4GB
Total VM: 15.9GB
Available VM: 12.9GB
Video Card: NVIDA GEForce GT 220, 1GB RAM

PP Viewer: Disabled (it causes SERIOUS issues when enabled)

Why would PP load when attempting to play a PP in the schedule when I have played this same PP (and other PPs) during practice (prior to service) without PP loading in the background and without issue? One slide set would not load, but EW froze and PP attempted to load in the background. This issue occurred DURING SERVICE.

I had to close PP and tried to load the slides again. Talk about an embarrassing hiatus!

What would cause this issue? Ten minutes after this occurred, I received a Runtime error 216 at 004079C6, which did not affect the service any further. I didn't dare close the dialog box after this error popped up--EW6 was unstable enough already.

I don't have to convenience of calling EW from the church computer, so reliance on this software and posting issues is touch and go and this may be hard to repeat this issue in order to monitor it further. If there is an error log, please tell me how to post this info. to you.

Thank you.
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I took the information and created a ticket on the support portal so that we can trouble shoot the issue.