[v6 General Discussion] Schedule Font Size Too Small

I use the "print schedule" option to give my vocalists their lyrics. It prints way too small for any one to read from a music stand. Is there any way to change the font size on Schedule print outs? Whether detailed or summary?


I am sorry but there is not a way to change the size in EW. As a work around you could do the print schedule details or summary and then save it as a Easyworship PDF export and then open it in Acrobat and copy and paste the text into Word or Notepad and make the text as large as you want.
Is there any reason why it changed from EW 2009? It used to print very nicely from the schedule for both the vocalists and the visually impaired who can't clearly see the projection screen but can see close up in front of them.
Would like to follow up with this...

Is this something that will be changed in the future? The printouts are really unusable as they are. Text is way too small.
In the future you will be able to save the schedule details to .txt format and the print option will have larger font.