[v6 General Discussion] Output to screen and iPads

Hi, we are busy setting up a new AV system in our church and as we already use EasyWorship it would be great to continue using this great product. Our new system will comprise a main display projector as well as multiple 32" monitors in various areas to cover all seating spaces. Output from EasyWorship PC / Laptop will be sent to a HDMI splitter to enable multiple inputs and output the same image to multiple screens.

What we also want to do is add something that will enable the output from EasyWorship to be streamed to mobile devices (iPad / iPhone / Android). I had a quick search around Google but unable to find any immediate solutions.

Has anyone managed this kind of setup and would be willing to point us in the right direction on getting started with adding this functionality?
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I just did a little googling and saw that there is a program called Air Display that you can use to set up an Ipad as a secondary output. I have never used it and do not know how to set it up and not sure that it will work the way you want it to work.