[v6 General Discussion] Data question EW 2009 & EW 6

I searched the forum for an answer to my problem, but didn't find the topic. If has already been covered, please forgive me for asking.

We have two versions of EW on our computer. We regularly use EW 6 in our services. I kept EW 2009 because I occasionally lead worship at other churches that use that version still. In fact, I'm doing so tonight.

I started building a presentation in 2009. The 2nd song is one that is new to our church since our upgrade. It shows up in the EW 6 song database, but it is missing from the 2009 database. I thought both shared the same song and background files.

2 questions:

How do I copy the the database that version 6 uses over into 2009 (songs & backgrounds)?

Moving forward, is there a way that I can set this up so when I add songs in EW 6, they are also in the database in 2009?

Thank you,

Eric (Idabel, Oklahoma)
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The two programs use the same resources folder which has the images and videos etc but it does not use the same song database as they are in different formats.

If you add a new song to the EW09 database it is not shared with EW6 and vice versa.