[v6 General Discussion] Cannot Import ANY PowerPoint Files


EW: Build 6.4.8
Am not using PowerPoint Viewer (this has proven to crash EW6)--even after upgrading viewer and attempting to use it, still EW6 crashes.
Windows 7, Windows Firewall & Advanced Security
Virus Scanner: ESET

I work on two different computers with EW6. My home and one at church. The home computer, I have not issues importing PowerPoint files (2003, 2007, 2013). But on church computer, every time I try import any version of PowerPoint file created (even converting it slideshow), it always comes up as a gray thumbnail and no file. This is rather frustrating, as we have hundreds of PP files and cannot import ANY of them: sermons, songs, etc. I will sit there for a whole minute waiting for a 4-slide presentation attempting to load.

Possible solution?


It could be that ESET is blocking or deleting the hook files that EasyWorship uses to connect to Powerpoint. You may need to disabled it and then re-install or find a way to add an exception in the ESET program.
Okay, I'll give that a try. But if that doesn't work, any other possible solution? Or would I need to contact support?
If that does not work then just give us a call when you are at the machine.
Considering that EW is closed over the weekend and the issues I encounter are on Sundays, it'll be a bit challenging for me to call you as the issue is happening. I think I will have to create a video of my experiences and post them in the forum.

Use the ticket that I have created for you.
Will do.

Thank you.