[v6 General Discussion] EW6 freezing, mouse stops working

Today, our EW6 froze several times. The mouse disappeared when I hovered over the EW palate. It would re-appear when I moved the mouse off of the palate. I had Powerpoint open (not sure that had anything to do with this). I did a quick control+alt+del and stopped EW. I then restarted it. This happened 4 times during the service, probably within 5-7 minutes. I had no choice but to restart the computer. It seemed to work after that. This has happened before.

I saw this happen today on a machine. See if this helps. In EW when you add the PowerPoint turn off the preview pane. I have added an image below that shows you what I am talking about.
I checked and our preview pane was already off.
You may need to call tech support so that we can trouble shoot the issue.