[v6 General Discussion] dual language projection


We have a growing number of Hispanic members in our church that only speak Spanish. I was wondering if EW supports dual language projections from the Bible verses and song lyrics? I have seen other church services where they displayed both English and Spanish on the same slides. But I don't know if they were using EasyWorship.

Thanks for your response.

Blessings, Gary


We do not have songs in Spanish. You would have to type them in manually and then you could cut and paste them into a song with the Spanish lyrics and then English lyrics above or below. We do have several Spanish bibles so you could cut and paste the English and Spanish bibles into one slide.

Thanks for the follow-up. Do you know if there is any movement in this direction? I know other worship projector software does have this feature...



If you have not already done so you can add it to the feature request page https://support.easyworship.com/discussions/forums/6000039150:2cz3qarh]Click here