[v6 General Discussion] Please review 'Foldback'

We have just updated to EW6 and am interested in running the foldback feature but would like some feedback from those that already use it.

How much extra does it add to the speakers arsenal, If its just to see the next slide and to allow very infrequent private messages between the video desk and minister I question whether it is financially justifiable.

What is a workable distance for say a 80 or 90 cm monitor to be away from the minister to all him to be able to read it. We can install this to a monitor close to the pulpit but may want to put it on a monitor 20 metres away.

Our worship minister loves the foldback. He like being able to see the next line and also seeing just the text on a black background instead of the front of house background. The clock is also useful.

Keep in mind, as of now, the Foldback messaging feature is NOT in EW6.
It is probably worth making sure that the speaker can see the main screen or at least a clone of it as the foldback, while useful, can tell him / her lies.
If the operator uses the 'black' or 'clear' button the words disappear from the main screen but not from the foldback. This can make the leader think something is being projected when it is not. It is not necessary to have the clone screen near enough for the words to be read, only so that the leader can see if it is blank or has some text on it.
Thank you very much for your replies so far. Much appreciated
Keep in mind, as of now, the Foldback messaging feature is NOT in EW6.

Does anyone know when they are planning on allowing this feature? The instruction manual for Foldback Display in EW6 says, "While the audience sees the presentation on the main screens, Stage Display lets the stage see a custom display with the current presentation or video, a preview of the next scheduled item, a clock [color=#FF0000:20qafcqx]and private alerts.[/color:20qafcqx]"
Thanks for asking about this feature. We are currently working on the alerts feature and will release an update that will include the features you are accustomed to along with many more features in the alerts area. I think you're really gonna like the new alerts features. I can't give you a release date for the next build but we aren't too far away.
I have just begun using the Foldback option. I did experience some difficulty getting it all set up, but made it over that hurdle. I like the clock, the larger print on black background, and the preview of next verse, etc. There is one "problem" I am seeking to determine if it is something that can be corrected or not. We use Integrity Hosanna iDVD worship DVD's. The Foldback does show video of the song the same as on the big screen for the congregation however it is smaller than it was when the rear monitor (large wide-screen TV) was on a splitter with the projector. This makes it even more difficult for the praise team to read the words on the video. I am trying to find out if there is any way to correct this. Powerpoint slides are full height, but not full width but they were produced in 4x3 slide size. Our big screen is square and our monitor (flat-screen TV) is wide-screen. If I turn off the Foldback option, the monitor only shows the desktop background and not what is being shown on the big screen (projector). I don't know if this is a setting fix I have not found or if it requires a splitter to be used to get duplicate presentations on both the monitor and the big screen (of course would no longer have the foldback option). When we used the splitter (VGA) both the big screen and monitor used the full screen in their own mode.
The "private alerts" function is a feature that is great for sending a private alert to the praise team, ministers, or other on the platform. An example is "Jane, turn your microphone on!"

That is absent from the current build (4.8) of EW 6.

Two additional thoughts on the feedback:
1) Is there a way to initiate the alert from a different computer? The projection computer operator may be too busy to be able to type in an alert.

2) Is there a way to embed a "note" within the song text visible only on the foldback? A note might be something like "key change - modulate to F#", This is different from a private alert, in that we'd want this as a permanent part of the song.
Alerts are coming along and will release with the next build. I will be much more robust than the previous alerts function you used in the previous versions.
You will not be able to post an alert from another computer.
You can add text to the label field of a song and it will appear only on the foldback screen as long as you do not enable the option to display song labels on the front of house screen.
Thanks for the update. Putting a note in the label field is exactly what we do as a work-around.

We've also learned to keep that slide blank, so that the label appears on the next line.