[v6 General Discussion] [RESOLVED] Missing next verse line on foldback

Since updating to windows 10 the next verse line on the foldback screen has disappeared when using ew 6. Any solutions?


Did it get turned off in the options? Under Edit//Options//Foldback//Miscellaneous// make sure that Enable New item Info is checked.

Also make sure that you are running the most current build of EW6 which is 4.8

Do you have a Windows 10 driver for your video card? Make sure that you have updated it from the manufactures website. Example www.nvidia.com etc
Hi Terry, firstly thanks for response. We have the current 4.8 version already installed and the driver for our Intel graphics card is now compatible with windows 10. Also the check box to enable the next line has a cross in it. But we still do not see the next line; unless we make the projectors the foldback. Any ideas why?
Are you using a TV for the foldback? It could over-scanning which can be turned off. I do not know how since it will be different for each TV.

You may also need to change the aspect ratio settings on the TV or make sure you are sending the correct resolution to that screen.
Thank again. An Lcd screen is being used for foldback. Will check on aspect ratio etc, and let you know the result
Hi Terry, aspect ratio is 16:9; changing it makes no difference.

You will need to contact tech support so that we can take a look at this.
Hi Terry, since your last reply we have changed the VGA adaptor that we use for the foldback screen and the next line is now visible. Thanks again for your support.