[v6 General Discussion] Configuring Foldback Monitor/Access Violation Errors

Good Day.

We have a laptop running a Nvidia GeForce 920M video card, which has VGA and HDMI outputs.

We have been trying to configure the foldback monitor setup. Currently the screen using the VGA output is recognized as Screen 3, and the HDMI output is recognized as screen 2. The VGA projector is tied to the FOH and that would be the main live output while the HDMI (Screen 2) is supposed to be the foldback. Despite selecting the different screen settings under live and foldback, it is not working as configured. When selecting a custom position for the screen in an attempt to force it to recognize the screens as desired, the live output is not showing. Attempts to select the options to recheck resulted in an error of "Access Violation at address 00F4A8BE in module EasyWorship.exe. Read address of 00000000".

We've uninstalled and reinstalled Easy Worship and the same issue persists. Could any guidance be given?
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Usually an Access violation means that you have a corrupt install of QuickTime. So if you un-install it and then re-install and reboot it may fix it. If that does not fix it then call us.