[v6 General Discussion] EW6 Song List Activity Report - Loads of Repeat Entries

Hi there,

Just tried to do a Song list activity report from the 1st Nov 2015 and its given me a report but each song appears multiple times for each time its been used.

The far right column "Projected" only shows number 1's so it doesn't seem to be adding the song counts up for some reason.
Its resulted in loads of pages of song titles repeated over and over
For example if a song was used 32 times, its title is repeated 32 time with its projected number being 1, rather than just one song title entry saying its been projected 32 times.

Please help, there's got to be an easier way than wasting loads of paper and manually adding up all the number 1's.

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This is a bug and I have added it to the bug list for the developers.