[v6 General Discussion] Lead Sheets and Chord sheets print too small from Song Select

I am using EW6 and Windows 10 on my home laptop, EW2009 and Windows 10 on the church desktop. I am experiencing the same problem on both systems. If I go online from within Easy Worship and go to Song Select, import the lyrics and try to print either a lead sheet or chord sheet, it prints about 60% of original size. If I leave Easy Worship and log into Song Select from my browser and print then they print normally so it's definitely and EW issue not Song Select. It's kind of a pain in the neck if I'm using Easy Worship with Song Select to import the lyrics into my schedule but then have to log in from my browser to print the actual lead sheet or chord sheet.
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You'll for sure want to print from SongSelect using a normal web browser. The interface in EasyWorship was only designed to import songs from the SongSelect page.