[v6 General Discussion] Duplicate Songs

Running EW6 build 4.8. I'm not positive, but I think this happened with the upgrade to EW6. I'm seeing lots of duplicates in our songs database. Upon first glance it seems like all of the Public Domain songs got duplicated.


Click on Profiles and then Add/Remove Demo data and un-install the demo songs. I think you already had them and some how they go added again.
I think that removed the duplicate songs, but it does make me wonder how they could duplicate in the first place, or what state my system thinks it is in now. If it removed the duplicates does that mean there is a configuration flag somewhere that indicates that they are not installed, and what grief is that going to potentially cause later.

It keeps track via a flag but it will not install them over and over again. If you upgraded it does not know if you have them from a different version or not.