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Hi - I am having a bit of trouble getting the Edit rules to work.

Background - we are Anglican so Liturgy is important - 15% of our 4,000+ song list is Liturgy. To distinguish them in EW 2007-9 we marked the title of each "song" with a leading #. We also have a number of items that are neither Liturgy nor Songs and these are marked with a leading @. e.g. #Acclamation (CW176a) and @Coffee

I have a Collection called Liturgy which says "Title - starts with - #" and that works fine.
I have a collection called Other which says "Title - starts with - @" and that is ok too
I have a Collection called Hymns/Songs which says All of "Title - does not contain - #" and "Title - does not contain - @" and there is nothing there. I have no idea what is wrong with that.

On another tack I tried to separate out Hymn Books - we have always marked songs with the book and number after the title in parentheses because different books have different words and verses and it is to make sure that we are using the same version that the musicians are using e.g. Across the lands (MP1141) and Above all else (SoF1394). Using Collection rules like "Title - contains - (SoF" etc. seems to work fine in most cases EXCEPT that "Title - contains - (SH" for Spring Harvest does not - it includes anything which contains SH (in either upper or lower case) and ignores the open parenthesis which makes me think that the others are only working because MP and SoF are not common parts of words.

I expected these to work - it would be a long tedious job to try and recategorise them in some other way.
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I created a ticket for you please reply back using that and we will take a look at this.