[v6 General Discussion] [RESOLVED]Clock on Foldback Display hidden during Power Point


Recently I started to use the Foldback Display as our choir was requesting some improvements to contrast for lyrics.

I found the clock and our pastor really likes it but it seems it does not show during a Power Point that has been imported to EW6. If I create a presentation inside EW6 it shows no problem. I prefer PP as it give me better transitions and control over text and themes.

Also it does show on the preview pane for live output if Foldback is selected.

Thanks for any feedback, Keith

Hi Keithaf1,
It looks like you have Office 2003 and a compatibility pack for Office 2007 installed. This may the cause of the problem.
Try installing PowerPoint 2010 viewer and see how it behaves.

1. Download and Install PowerPoint Viewer & Update:
2. Download and install PowerPoint 2010 Viewer. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13:sduly6zt]Click here to download.
3. Download and install the PowerPoint Viewer security update. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=1450:sduly6zt]Click here to download.
4. During the install check the box to accept the License Terms and click Continue, Next, Install and OK on the next prompts.
5. Open EasyWorship and click on edit, options, advanced.
6. Check the box to Use PowerPoint Viewer. Click OK
Terry, Rodger,

Thanks for the support, the problem is resolved.

Based on the suggestions of Roger and since it was already in my plan to update the installed version of MS Office, this was the resolution.

I completely uninstalled all older MS Office products and installed MS Office 2010 (Office14).

Now the Clock on the Foldback displays correctly. Thanks again

I wanted to post a follow-up. The problem reoccurred and I was not sure why. Now I can force the issue on demand.

After some questioning to my fellow operators I found out that a Power Point was run "outside of EW", directly in the PP application. Our setup includes a Matrox "DualHead2Go" with the resolution set to 2048x768 and each projector (main and Foldback) set to 1024x768. Likewise the output for the Main and Foldback have Custom positions in EW. For this setup PP displayed it's output split between the two screens. Therefore the operator changed the SlideShow resolution in PP to 1024x768. This way PP would display a full screen on both projectors.

This caused 2 issues when running EW;
1. It caused my output to flicker when changing from any display type (song, scripture or media) in EW to PP and back.
2. It caused the Clock in the Foldback display to disappear during a PP within EW.

By switching back the PP setting for SlideShow resolution to either 2048x768 or Current resolution both issues went away.

Thought this may help someone.