[v6 General Discussion] Foldback monitor freezing

After working flawlessly for most of 2015, our foldback monitor has recently started to freeze partway through a service. It sticks on a song and does not advance with the rest of the schedule or the other two main displays. This is disconcerting to say the least when you glance at it and find a song that you sang ten minutes before still displayed. It also throws our preachers when they look up and think that their Powerpoint presentation is not displaying.

Has anyone come across this?

And if so, can anyone suggest a fix?

We're on a Windows 10 PC with three separate graphic outputs.


I have not seen or heard of this happening. Is it still occurring?
It still happens but unpredictably - we can't reproduce it to order. It may be a Windows problem and nothing to do with EW. Still disconcerting though - it happens every Sunday but at different points - sometimes in our first service, sometimes it's fine until part way through our second service. We don't always have time (or remember) to do a full system reboot between the services.
Opened EW at 8.45am. Foldback monitor was OK for first service. Froze at 11.11am - ten minutes into the second service.

Can you tell me how everything is cabled together? Also what are your system specifications?