[v6 General Discussion] Spanish version

Exist a spanish version of EW6? If that doesn't exist how can I help to do the translate?
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We do not have a Spanish version for EasyWorship at this moment. We are currently working on the documentation and videos in Spanish for training purposes but the translation of the program itself it’s in the plans to get done in the future.

If you wish to participate on the translation and have experience on documentation or advanced tech translation, you are welcome to send a brief description of your experience and the best contact information to us at the email provided below. The creation of a small community of people who speak specific languages has been a discussion and might be explored in dept in the near future. Keep in mind, this is likely to be a non-compensated, nor staffed position but an opportunity to have your voice and expertise heard and implemented on part of your EasyWorship experience in your own language.

send email to support@easyworship.com