[v6 General Discussion] Playing multitrack music files in EW6

We often use prerecorded audio tracks as accompaniment in services. These songs require playing several sequential CD tracks with no breaks. Can you do this in EW? Putting multiple audio files in a schedule just plays them one at a time and requires action to start the next track.

We currently do these in iTunes. It works but iTunes is annoying. Each new update seems to make it harder to use. It's also distracting for the sound tech to move back and forth between iTunes and EW. Windows Media Player will also do it with a few additional issues.


You can try creating a presentation and dragging the audio files into the slides area from the dropdown at the top.
Then click the master slide button at the bottom right of the slides area. Click on the master slide, then click on Inspector.
Click on Slide inside inspector.
Change the Advance Slide option to delay.
Leave the time below that at zero.
Click the slide master button to turn off the slide master view.
The audio files should play back to back automatically.
Rodger, Thanks for the quick reply. I had not considered that approach but in the end that doesn't quite work either. It does play the audio tracks sequentially without further user input. The problem is that the zero delay between tracks isn't really zero. It seems to be a fraction of a second which would be small for almost any other purpose. With music it's enough to throw off the choir and also be sensed by the congregation.

With these tracks being a whole song split up they have to go back together with no noticeable delay. They are originally sold on a CD and work very well that way. The CD tracks can be ripped and put into a player like iTunes. iTunes reassembles them nicely. Windows Media Player comes close. All of these methods have their drawbacks, mainly in software "features" or opportunities for miscues.

As I said in the original post, the goal here is to be able to play these songs from within EW to simplify the work load on our staff and reduce the chances of things going wrong.
I use Audacity (free) and record the songs into Audacity - when done you can preview it - if there's a break between tracks you can highlight the the break and delete it. Then export the finished track to mp3 and use this in EW6. (Look at Audacity on YouTube if in doubt).
I hope this helps.
Eric, that's a useful solution. Audacity takes a little work to use but it can do this job. I did it by loading all of the tracks for the song, cutting and pasting them together, and then editing out the gaps. For these files the gaps were about 0.3 seconds.