[v6 General Discussion] Transition to Powerpoint

We went live with EW6 this past weekend ... not realizing how painful the lack of the "Return to Powerpoint" feature that we had in 2009 would be.

We use a Powerpoint file for sermon notes and then switch to and from scriptures that use the same background image.

I have "voted" on the https://support.easyworship.com/support/discussions/topics/6000021996:17wlijza]feature request I found to restore the "return to ppoint" function. I figured we could live with the absence for a while ... However, we found each transition to the Powerpoint fades through black which really produces an undesired effect.

Is there a setting to prevent this transition through black? If not, we will likely go back to 2009 until the "return to ppoint" is restored.

The other option is to do the sermon as a native EW6 presentation, because that doesn't seem to glitch through black ... but frankly that is just not as efficient for us right now...or as capable IMHO. (e.g. lack of line by line animation, etc)

Have you checked the transition on the PowerPoint slideshow to make sure it is not set to fade through black?
Are you using PowerPoint viewer or the Application within EasyWorship?
There are no Slide-to-Slide transitions set within PowerPoint. The same presentation works correctly in 2009.

The same behavior exists with the when using the PowerPoint Application or the Viewer within EW.
Are you able to post a video of what you are talking about so we know exactly what we are trying to resolve regarding the fade through black?
Did the video help illustrate the issue I am experiencing?
Yes it did. It's trying to render the transition from the previous slide to the next slide you selected. We have reported this to the development team.

I'm pleased that this topic has been raised as I'm getting the very same effect.

I've checked on several computers, using various setups, and get the same result. the versions below:

Windows 10, PPT 2013, EW 6480.

Windows 10, PPT 2007, EW 6480.

Windoes 7, PPT 2003, EW 6480.