[v6 General Discussion] Allowing Video to Play Through with Slide Changes


We have upgraded in our church to Easy Worship 6. I'm trying a few things out with it. I created a new song and put a video to supply background visuals. I added the video under the "master slide" option. It's not a looping video (of 30-40 seconds), but a 4 minute video to play behind the text. The problem I noticed was that every time, in presenter mode, that I changed a slide the video would revert back to the beginning. What this means is that you will only ever see the first 30-60 seconds (or until the next slide would change) of the video rather than it playing all the way through.

I looked through the "inspector" tab, but didn't see a way to change the video play settings so that the video will play through continuously as you change each slide rather than revert to the beginning of the video with each slide change.

Is there a way to change this setting?
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You need to right click on the video and then left click on Edit video Properties then under the Media Usage area select the option next to Auto which will make the video a background and not a foreground this will allow it to play continuously through each slide of the song.