[v6 General Discussion] Remove clock from front of house black screen

I recently changed to using EW6 from 2009 when I upgraded my pc and I now have a clock displayed in the top right corner every time I go to Black Screen. Is there a way to turn this off as it disrupts the service and means that I have to toggle Live display instead in order to get a clean black screen?


In EW click on Edit//Options//Foldback and make sure that you do not have the Enable Support for display Foldback (stage display) checked.
Hi Terry,
I have already tried that and it does not remove the clock. I ticked 'Enable support for display Foldback' in order to experiment with the function and now, having unticked it, the only way I can get a black screen is to either toggle the 'Live' button or else select both 'Black Screen' and 'Clear' together.
It's driving me crazy!
Please have someone call us when they are next to the computer and we can set up a remote session and take a look at the issue.