[v6 General Discussion] Installing trial as update?

I am a volunteer at a satellite church of CCF from Philippines.
Our PC are not connected to internet and the license email of our easyworship 6 is from our main office.
I am wondering if I can use the downloadable trial version will work as update if im going to install it.
I don't have the email and password login of the license if every my installation will turn it to trial.

Thanks and God bless.

The EasyWorship 6 trial version does not expire it just has a watermark on the live screen. If you want to get rid of the watermark then you will need to register it. If you do not have a connection to the internet on that machine then you can download the offline license file.

Register Offline:
- To register offline, you will need to download your License File from your online account and transfer it to your EasyWorship computer.
- Locate a computer with an internet connection.
- Go to easyworship.com and login to your account. (If you do not have an easyworship.com account, see “Create easyworship.com account” below.)
- Go to My Account > My Software and download your license file to a drive that can be transferred to your EasyWorship computer.
- On your EasyWorship computer, open EasyWorship and select "Register offline using a license file". You will be prompted to locate the file and select "Open".

If the Register window does not open immediately, select Help > Register EasyWorship and follow the instructions above.
I am sorry for the confusion. But we actually already have license for easyworship 6. And we are already using it on a PC without internet connection. Anyway, I already took the liberty to try to use the trial download file. Installed on my licensed pc and it updated my version to the trial but still licensed. Thanks for the time answering my question. Thanks and Godbless.