[v6 General Discussion] Regarding Themes

This may be a feature request, but I have been struggling with the fact that "Song Theme"s can only be used on "songs," and "Scripture Theme"s can only be used on "Scriptures."
We create a background for all readings within a series, and we sometimes do something specific for a Call to Worship, or something like that. I create a theme with said background for the Scripture, but can't use it if I utilize anything other than a Scripture. If we're reading a creed, which is located within the "Songs" database, I have to create a whole new theme.
Is there a way around this? or can we make the "Themes" database a bit less specific?

Also, (and I'm not sure if this only applies to items imported with a 2009 schedule), when I apply a Scripture theme to something that doesn't already have it, I have to apply it to each slide. and that seems less like a "theme" to me...more like a "one background for that one slide." Kinda frustrating, but not a big deal.