[v6 General Discussion] Text on Presentation Slides Disappearing

We use the presentations feature for our announcements slides. I edit the previous week's presentation in the presentation folder then slide the updated file into the current schedule. When I go live from the schedule, all of the text boxes on the presentation slides are gone... those slides are blank. We have two slides that have pictures on them, and the pictures are still there. If I go live on the same file, but from the presentations folder, everything is there. Help, please!


First make sure that you are running the most current build number from this https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/ew_builds/current/EasyWorship_web.zip:1e734f0h]link
Same issue here. I tired the link even though I was supposedly already running the latest version. If I run the presentation directly from the resource window there there's no problem. If however I add it to the schedule then the text just doesn't appear.

Are you both talking about presentations created in EW or PowerPoint Presentations that you have added to EW?
I have the same issue. I create an EW presentation. It looks fine as I create and save it. Add it to the schedule, and the text disappears. Clicking on it from the resource area runs it fine.
Do you have a default theme set? If not set one and then see if it does the same thing.
I have the same problem with text disappearing. I also have the problem that once I have created my presentation with my announcements. It will not longer loop on its own. I have have clicked the loop presentation box and I still have to manually click each slide to run through the announcements. It used to do it on its own but I started have problems about the same time my text started disappearing. Something in the latest update take it out or mess it up?

Can you please give me the steps that you are doing when you are creating the presentations so that I can try to re-create the error here. so far I have not been able to re-create this issue.
I get this also, but on a seemingly random basis. I have saved all my presentations and often have to re-import one to get the text back. I haven't been able to recreate this, so I don't know what causes it, I just rely on my back-ups when it happens.

Also of concern to me is that when I click and drag a presentation created in EW6 (most recent version) into the schedule from the presentation resource bank - it comes up blank in the schedule. This doesn't happen if I double-click the presentation to add it to the schedule - this tends to attach the presentation, with its text intact, to the end of the schedule which then has to be rearranged to get the presentation into the correct position in the service. It only happens with presentations, songs and scripture click and drag quite happily into the schedule from their respective resource banks at the foot of the work area.
I am having this issue as well. When i drag the presentation from the presentation area into the schedule all the text disappears and it shows as if i am creating a new blank presentation. This is happening for all my old presentations as well as newly created ones.