[v6 General Discussion] Video Lagging

When I play a high quality video I have major lagging, but it's only when I play it through easy worship. If I just play it on QuickTime I have no problems. I have taken my videos and reduced the quality and was able to them some of them to work. Once again the videos will play fine on our screen in other programs but not through easy worship, is this still a graphics card issue?


It could be a combination of cpu and graphics card. What are your system specifications?
I am also having this problem. Some mp4 videos play ok in EW, some don't. All play ok outside of EW. I have a new ASUS laptop running Windows 10, i7 quad core cpu, 8gig memory, nVidea GeForce GTX 850m. QuickTime is up to date. Video Codec Troubleshooting says:
File - 9/5/2015 10:49:25 PM
QuickTime Source
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device

In nVidea Control Panel I have tried setting PhysX processor to both Auto Select and also GeForce GTX 850M. Neither one seemed to make a difference. Any thoughts?
Well, a reboot of my laptop and mysteriously videos that I once had problems with are now working just fine. No rhyme or reason and I don't quite understand why......
OK, I may have figured it out. Last night we ran our schedule which included our "suspect" video. All worked just fine. Afterwards, I started working on a new schedule and UGH, the video wasn't working again! I rebooted my laptop since that had solved the problem before, but it didn't help this time. It was at this point that I noticed an icon on my taskbar for the ASUS Control Center. I opened it and noticed that the power scheme was on "Energy Saving" mode so I flipped it over to "Performance" mode, opened up EW and tried the video and IT WORKED. Just to be sure, I minimized EW, changed the Power Scheme back to "Energy Saving" , brought EW back up and tried the video and sure enough my problem was back again. Changed power back to Performance and the video worked fine.

After I thought about it, when we ran our schedule that night we had the laptop plugged into AC, not on battery, and therefore it was running in "Performance" mode. Afterwards when I was creating a new schedule I had it running on battery, ie. "Energy Saving". So, it seems like "Performance" mode is my fix. I'll try it for a few days just to make sure.

It still doesn't answer the question of "Why did the videos play just fine outside of EW?"

Because inside of EW Microsoft DirectX is turned on which is handling tasks related to multimedia and videos. Outside of EW you are not using Directx.