[v6 General Discussion] [Feature Request] Optional Viewing Windows

This is a suggestion that we would find useful and would give us some of the functionality that EW2009 had and probably benefit other users similar to us.

We use foldback monitors and I've noticed that the right hand window below the control buttons has optional Live Output or Foldback views, so is configurable. Is it possible to do this with the Live Window on the left as well, only this time giving the option to show the Schedule Preview View like EW2009. With 2009 when you select an item in the schedule it gives you a preview of it so you see what's coming up next and also selects it in the database as well, making it easier to find items if you need to edit them. If both of these windows could be configured and also dragged into either position then EW6 would be easier to use and and create schedules.

At the moment we find the right hand Live Output window / Foldback window is redundant as it is just a duplicate of the two monitors we have on our control desk which are permanently on anyway. If the desktop was more configurable we could use the space for something else like VJ mode for example. All our Techies find that the previous version's layout was easier to use and create schedules and more suitable for the purpose it was intended for.

This is just a suggestion, maybe other clients will agree maybe they wont but we think it is worth considering. Thanks David
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I know the preview option is coming in a future update but I am not sure how it will be implemented. I like your idea.