[v6 General Discussion] Any hope for folders to be recognized?

So finally have a bit of time trying to start building schedules for 9. Tried to use the slide creator tool and wanted to add image background. I have over 3,000 images in the folders, nicely categorized and easy to find when I am looking for a specific type of image--when using Powerpoint or even when finding images in the EW2009 when adding images to schedule. Any chance that folders will be recognized? I know people have advised to use the collection feature as a work around, but there are no collections for images available that I can find in the presentation editor.


You have to add the images folders into the resources folder and then you can create a collection which you can select from inside the Presentation Editor.
Thanks for the response. I guess I still don't understand why folders just can't be recognized. It's like I have to recreate the wheel and there is no easy or quick way to do it since all the images are lumped together. Unless I have missed something, when adding the images to the collections (pseudo-folders), I have to select them from inside EW, they can't be dragged from their existing folders. So, again I am at thousands of images all lumped together that I have to "sort" somehow to get them into collections.