[v6 General Discussion] Selecting Song in Database

We recently upgraded to EW6. One feature I immediately missed from the previous version is highlighting a song in the database when it is selected in the schedule. Having to re-search for it every time is kind of a pain. Also, editing or creating new songs is a bit more challenging. An undo button or keyboard shortcut would be nice. I like the fact that we can now name slides whatever we want, however, there should be a more intuitive way to insert slides between others, as well as a more stable method of copy and paste.

From what I've seen searching the forum, it seems any of the other issues I've had are already being addressed in the next version. I look forward to that.

I'll certainly second your thoughts on highlighting songs in the database dbozman!

Isn't it frustrating having to scroll through the list or search for the song when you've just realised it has a comma missing?! Especially after years of having it self-selected in the database immediately you clicked on it in the schedule!

Easy Worship 6 is great - but this improvement would be really welcome!

I'll "third" that! That's a feature I miss too.
I'd like to 4th that if I am not too late.
I used EW6 for the first time in a service last week.
It is only when features taken for granted are absent that one realises how useful they are.
If you would like to vote for this feature, you can do so on the development pipeline forum. That's where we track feature requests.
Here is a link to that feature request.
https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000033928
Or on the request I made 3 months earlier to that one...

https://support.easyworship.com/support ... 6000021954