[v6 General Discussion] Pagination of scripture

As far as I can see, the options are either one verse to a page or a random break point between pages.
Normally we project 2 verses to a screen if they are long and 3 or 4 if they are short. In EW2009 it is quite easy to pull in the whole passage and paginate as required, in EW6 this seems to be quite difficult as the footers need to be changed as well as the text moved between slides.
I notice a post from May (unanswered) requesting that the option is available to have the breaks only at the end of sentences which is a similar request
What are your plans for in this area or is there a better way of doing this?
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I think your request is similar to what GRBCMEDIA requested.
We have this and other scripture related improvements on the list to be looked at.

Over the years, the lack of auto breaking of scriptures was complained about over and over again, prompting this feature.
Right now, my church uses the break on new verse, which seems to work ok but I definitely can see room for improvement and those improvements will come in due time.