[v6 General Discussion] feature missed - import schedule edits to song database

We are missing the EW2009 ability to have edits to songs in the schedule be compared with the database when the schedule file is loaded. It would give a prompt to optionally update the database with the default being "do nothing". I'm missing too many corrections they make in rehearsal that never make it to the database and then I have to manually find and make the correction again later. Is that feature coming back?

Is there any timescale on when this feature will be available as currently the lack of this is making it very difficult to do a full migration from 2009 due to the number of reedits needed.

I do not have a specific date yet.
The ability to update the database from schedule is essential for database management in our church. As copies of our database are stored with individual users, the "update" feature is essential to easily distribute changes and corrections in a managable way. Although we have purchased EW6 several months ago we will keep on using EW2009 until this feature is available.
Similarly the option to update the schedule automatically when an item in the database is edited is sorely missed.
Could you please give some priority to this issue? Is this something we may expect in the next update or is it "maybe next year".
We too are in the same situation and although we purchased EW6 back in February we still cannot go live with it in our church for this very same reason. Until this facility is added we cannot use the program, without the ability to check for changes and errors which give you the option to add the schedule to the database like EW2009.
When we have a date I will update it here.