[v6 General Discussion] Text Margins

I'm running a triple-wide setup, so the Live output of EasyWorship is 3840x720, so the image is spanned across 3 1280x720 projector screens.

I want the text to always stay in the center screen, so I set the song text margins to 1300 on the left and the right, with the assumption that the text margin number is the number of pixels. When the text size is set to auto, some of the longer lines will run off onto the side screens.

Am I wrong about the text margin number being pixels? Why is my text not staying within those specified margins?

Another thing I've noticed: When I try to adjust text margins in the inspector, if I push the up arrow once it jumps to 3840, and pushing any more or attempting to type a number results in it auto-changing to 10,000. This seems to be a bug.

EDIT: I've found I can work around this be changing the size of the text box to fit in the center.

I have asked several times in posts what unit of measurement is used in margins but have yet to see a response. I can only assume that they also don't know.

The text margins appear to be affected by a regression bug; it had been working earlier but now seems to be multiplying the number entered by screen width minus screen margins. So it seems like pixel is unit of measurement and 10,000 is maximum allowed.

So it also appears that song formatting needs to done on computer with same screen resolution as projection computer otherwise you can't be assured it will look correct on projector.
The unit of measurement is pixels but internally it is stored as percent based on the height or width of the target output.

If the target height or width changes, so will this value.

There was a bug prior to 6.2.2 that prevented these values from saving correctly.