[v6 General Discussion] Easyworhsip 6 display simplified chinnese some character ???

Hey Guys,

I have a problem with Easyworship 6, when I import from version 2009 the Chinese Character become ?????
Also I already try to copy and paste from Word or power point, some text became ???
Do you have any solution for this ?
Right now I'm try use Win 7 Pro and Win 8.1 SL, the language options alarey change

Please Help!
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Right now the key to importing from your old 2009 database is to make sure you are using the language you are importing from at the time of conversion. For example Chinese.

The current conversion of 2009 assumes that the language you are using is the language of your database. Once converted, it does not matter what language you choose.

It is possible we could fix this so that we prompt you for the language you are converting from instead of assuming it is the same as your Windows language.