[v6 General Discussion] [Resolved] Unable to Save to a schedule! Please verify that

My last post (not yet moderated as of this Sunday morning) concerning inability to save the schedule; narrowed down the issue: loading up songs, introduction PowerPoint loop, an audio file (shofar), and two church emblem slides in the Schedule do not prevent me from saving the schedule (as DDMMYY). HOWEVER, I have one Presentation created with EW's (not an imported Ppt file); when that is dragged into the Schedule, THEN I can no longer save today's schedule, receiving the "Warning Unable to save schedule! Please verify that none of the media files needed are being used by another process."

What's going on?
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1. Go to MEDIA then select either and image or a video, right click on it and then COPY TO THEME//PRESENTATION THEME.
2. Go to THEMES then right click on the one that you just added and SET AS A PRESENTATION THEME.
See if this will allow it to be saved.