[v6 General Discussion] DVD Clip Editor not functioning

Is anyone else having issues with the DVD Clip editor not functioning, when I click on Add a new Clip, the popup comes up and it looks like it is starting to play the DVD, but nothing shows up on the screen, and once the cursor moves across the bottom of the screen like that first clip has timed out it just locks and I can't get it to go to "Root Menu" or "Top Menu" or get it to do anything. I have installed this on a laptop with windows 7, and it works just fine on that laptop, but the main church laptop has windows 8.3 on it and it does not. does anyone have a fix for this??

I'm assuming you are using EasyWorship 6 since you are posting on the EasyWorship 6 forum.
I think you just need to install the DScaler video decoder.
First make sure you have the latest build of EasyWorship 6. As of 5-14-15 is 6.2.1.
Click on the help menu in EasyWorship.
Click on EasyWorship Help.
Under Contents, click on Technical.
Click on Video decoders for EasyWorship 6.
There you will find instructions for downloading and installing the DScaler video decoder for playing DVDs.
I will give it try and let you know, I was thinking that I had already installed a descaler video decoder program when I was using easyworship 2009, but maybe I didn't need it then, thank you for the help and I will let you know if that is all it was!!
I followed your instructions above and everything is working fine, I really appreciate the help!!
God Bless You all!!