[v6 General Discussion] Videos do not play on main display

Hi - I'm running Easyworship 6 with operator screen, congregation screen and foldback screen.

On regular occasions, when we play a video, it will play on the operator console - live preview, and foldback screen, but fails to play on the main display.

The annoying thing is this is intermittent, and when it happens, the operator needs to quickly open the video in media player and drag it onto the live screen.

I'm running a Geforce 650 card.

Any suggestions?

Video driver ?
Resolution ?
Video port ?
Video format ?
QuickTime version ?
Dscaler or K-Lite ?
Video player ?
EasyWorship 6 properties -> Compatibility -> Enable screen scaling off ?
EW6 version ?

These are a few things to consider before solving problem.
OK - so I looked at the PC, and it was getting old and due an upgrade, so I thought I'd tackle that first.
So I built a brand new machine and put a fresh Win 8.1 x64 build on.
Machine spec is
Intel i7
256 SSD
Geforce GTX 960

So a bit of a flying machine.

I have 3 displays connected to the video card, operators screen (DVI) , foldback screen (HDMI) and main congregation projector (HDMI).

All windows updates installed.

Operators screen on 1920x1200
Foldback and congregation screens are running 1920x1080
Video Driver NVidia Gefore GTX 960
Quicktime 7.7.6
DScaler latest (no K-lite, I was trying to limit the number of codecs on the fresh build PC)
Disable Screen Scaling uncheked (I thought this had been fixed in most recent version of EW)

So on Sunday night, we had a schedule with 4 video files in it, I'm pretty sure all MPEG.
All videos played during rehearsal (team are drilled to play ALL media completely during rehearsals).

During service, first 3 videos played fine.
The 4th video when started played in the live preview window on the operator screen and on the foldback, but the main projector was just black. Sound was OK. The operator tried to go back in the schedule and then cue it again, same issue.

They then quickly opened the file in Windows Media player and dragged onto the projector screen (they are trained to do this if EW is playing up). All was played fine.

After the service, (without restarting EW), we stepped through the schedule again and the video played fine on all monitors.

This is identical to what we saw on the old PC I just replaced. I can't seem to do this repeatably on demand. It just seems to be random when it occurs. But it has occurred on both PC - so I guess its not just bad luck on the old PC. And it occurs often enough to be a real pain.

Any ideas? Bug?
For it to happen only with one video there must something different with it or the previous item displayed. What is previous item in schedule? Did you play through each item completely as if it were an actual service? Are the videos full HD (1920x1080) or standard HD (1280x720)? Same with projectors' native resolution? Just wondering how much the videos are being adjusted for display.

Sorry to hear that you're using a GTX 960 as that is my leading candidate to upgrade our computers.
I've deliberately put foldback and main on full1920x1080 HD.
Not sure what resolution the videos were. Typically 720 or 1080.

I'm always cautious (since early versions of easyworship) coming out of PPT or videos into another video.

So I have a "Blank" picture which the team are trained to put either side of a video in the schedule. So almost certainly we came out of a "blank" JPEG into the video.

The strange thing is the random nature. The team are taught to play all videos from start to finish in the rehearsal. So they all worked first time through.

And when I went back after the service, they all played fine.

Pretty sure its some form of bug as it's been identical on two completely separate machines. Roger?

The GTX 960 is a pretty good card, in fact the whole new machine is a absolute flyer. Only my home watercooled, overclocked video edit workstation is any faster
OK, so I was on sound this evening with the PC operator, and it happened again tonight. Here's the following details:
There were 4 videos in the schedule
Video 1: MPG, 1280x720, 29FPS
Video 2: MPG, 1280x720, 30FPS
Video 3: MPG, 1280x720, 30FPS
Video 4: MPG, 1280x534, 23FPS

All were loaded into the schedule and played fully during rehearsal. Each were surrounded by a black JPG image so they were clean in/outs.

Rest of the schedule was a simple mix of PPT (Office 365/PPT 2013) and songs

During the service, Video 1 and Video 2 played OK. Then Video 3 showed the problem. Sound OK, operator and foldback screen OK, blank main output.
I quickly advanced to the black JPG and openned the video in VLC and dragged it onto the main screen.

Video 4, same issue, again I played in VLC.

After the service and WITHOUT shutting down EW, I went back. Video 1 played fine, but now video 2, 3 and 4 all were blank on the main screen (ok on foldback and operator screen)

I then shutdown EW, and then reopenned EW and the schedule. All videos played fine this time. I went through the schedule 3 or 4 times, again no issues. Note I did NOT reboot the whole PC.

So definitely and EW issue/bug? Roger, can you say if this one is logged/known about/being fixed? Or can you then raise this thread to a support incident. It's a real pain as our youth services typically have 3 or 4 videos a week, and it is happening most weeks. And when I have a less experienced operator on, they panic and shout over to the pastor just to go on without the video (forgetting they can open in in VLC/Media player). I then get "angry" emails on a Monday asking why I can't get the system to run smoothly.

Wonder if QuickTime handles MPEG videos in EW6.
Since it's not entirely consistent EW support will likely want to remote in and/or get a copy of your schedule file.

I don't work with MPEG videos since I transitioned from WMV to MP4. I would have thought fourth video was culprit due to its nonstandard format.

You didn't specify native resolution of main and foldback displays. Most projectors will scale output (up/down).
Native of main projector is 1920x1080 (by new mega Christie projector)
Foldback display is an earlier 42" plasma, and identifies itself as 1920x1080 to the PC but physically is native 1024x768 (it was an early plasma I had kicking around).

I know you mentioned 4th video (it was a super widescreen, film like sequence), but it was on the 3rd video (standard 720) it hiccuped last night.
As far as I know this is not a known bug. EasyWorship will use the native windows MPG1 codecs.
Take a look at the specs of all the videos. Were they all rendered the same way? Same audio format, same video format and bit rates...
It sounds like maybe directshow may be unhappy with something in the video or something previous to the video upset it.
I want to make sure I understand correctly. You are using EasyWorship to play powerpoint files and videos. There are no EasyWorship songs, or presentations involved here. Is that correct? You may have to provide a schedule file that is exhibiting this issue so we can try to replicate it in house. We have to be able to replicate it in order to fix it.