[v6 General Discussion] Copied EasyWorship Folders Not Fully Working

In my continuing testing of EW6 which includes replicating the SofTouch folders from one PC to another. I copied all folders including SharedMedia and Datacache. The original looks and works normally. However the copy doesn't look the same; even though the computers are very similar software-wise (Windows 7, EW6.1.9, QT 7.7.6, K-Lite 11.10, Office 2013 32-bit).

[list:1v9ch718]Collections - OK - Song, Media, Presentation
Images - OK - 2,543
Videos - OK - 1,069
Audio - OK - 820
Themes - OK - Song, Scripture, Presentation
Presentations - ERROR - Whitish thumbnail and yellow triangle, except for 3 of 48 PowerPoint [/list:u:1v9ch718]

Of the 3 PowerPoints two are actual files and one is a shortcut. One actual file and 44 shortcuts don't work. Intially thumbnails appeared normal and then Helper processes them and they fade. Helper must have noticed different creation date and thought they were different than files recorded in database. Meanwhile all 48 are functional on original computer.

All 4,300+ media files are shortcuts.

I checked my Windows 10 virtual machine which doesn't have Office 2013 but uses PowerPoint Viewer and it has all 48 thumbnails displayed correctly. But then they faded until it had EW Helper rebuild all thumbnails normally. Ir seems redundant to rebuild thumbnails just because it's on a different computer; I checked the file's modified date and it was same on all computers.
This morning I switched EW6 on computer with trouble from PowerPoint program to PowerPoint Viewer, closed program and Helper, synchronized files and restarted EW6. Now 47 PowerPoints have normal thumbnails and load properly. I did get one error from PowerPoint Viewer during Helper processing and that thumbnail is faded. The file was shortcut to PPTX file with same name as PPT file in Resources folder.

When I switched back to PowerPoint the icons remained "normal" but EW6 crashed when attempting to load the PowerPoints. I will investigate why PowerPoint is misbehaving on this computer. PowerPoint does load shortcuts and files natively without issue.
Looks like the PowerPoint crash problem was the Compatibility setting for 'Disable display scaling for High DPI display settings'. After I unchecked the setting PowerPoint program was functional within EW6 again.