[v6 General Discussion] Unable to edit Songs (Access Violation)

For some reason I'm unable to edit songs in the song editor. I keep getting an "Access violation at address 0084DB98 in module 'Easyworship.exe'. Read of address 000000F0." And "Access violation at address 007F3D98 in module 'Easyworship.exe'. Read of address 00000034." Please help. Thanks in advance.
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I have pasted below how to fix this from another post by Rodger

Normally setting the default theme fixes this issue.
Click on the media tab.
Click on images.
Right click in an image.
Click on copy to theme, song theme.
Then click on the themes tab.
Right click on the new theme and click set as song theme.
Then edit or create a new song.
If you still get the error editing a new song, you should still be able to go to the inspector.
Then click on presentation and reset to global to fix that song.