[v6 General Discussion] Feedback

Hi EW Team,

We've only just started to use EW in a live environment. Last Sunday we were able to use foldback and the week before it was just straight to screen. We are using a good computer with an ssd, 16gb ram, i7 4790k and a gtx 970. We have so far found the new EW to be very quick and responsive. We are running all 3 screens simply from the gtx 970 and have had no problems so far. We really love the themes capabilities. Our projector has been misaligned for the last couple of weeks and we haven't fixed it as we are about to attach them properly with mounts to the ceiling. With the themes we were easily able to just align the text the exact way we wanted with minimal fuss. Our foldback tv is cheap and the scaling seemed to be ever so slightly off. Since it's cheap we weren't able to correct this with the tv software however we were able to make everything perfect with the margins tab under the foldback options. Loading a powerpoint is still slightly slow but not so bad as to be a concern.

So there's been a small learning curve but it's been a mostly positive experience. There are a couple of small things that would aid us though:
- Fixing the theme bug
- Countdown clock on the foldback screen (just somthing simple)
- Search bar for scriptures to be more to the left (it's a bit far away at the moment)
- Re-introduce features missing that were included with 2009 like vj mode
- Ability to mass apply changes to a theme to the items already in the schedule
- Ability to click to a different slide whilst editing a song
- Ability to use a different browser in the web view. It's obvious that IE is being used which just doesn't render pages as well and also it is difficult (probably impossible) at this stage to use something like adblocker.
- Chorus, verse etc labels to be a little more obvious (colour coded for example)
- More simple way of creating loops with videos and other slides
- Folders. Although collections can work quite well I still feel folders would be of benefit
- Android/iPhone app

All in all I've appreciated this new version. This next statement might sound a little silly but one of the reasons I didn't want to move to Pro Presenter was that I think the UI is ugly and difficult to use. EW is very good in this area and trust me when I say it does make a difference when it comes to my enjoyment of using the program. So hats off to the person responsible for the UI. This program is only going to get better and I'm now excited to see what future versions bring. Training people on this version is still easy. I've really loved the new features like scripture search and spell check.

Thanks for all of your hard work.


Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Ben! It's very encouraging. I'll pass your thoughts along to our developers, along with the features you requested. Quick question: what specifically do you mean by "the theme bug?"
Hi GHarris,

I'm referring to the bug in the themes under both song and scripture where if you go to create a new theme it creates a presentation theme instead. This happens with either using the little plus icon or right clicking the window and selecting "New Song/Scripture Theme". Thanks to the forum I've learned that there is a workaround (right clicking a video and selecting (copy to theme") but it would be nice if it would work the way it is intended so I don't have random staff running into this issue.

Once again, things are certainly looking positive and so far the media team is excited about the new version.

Got it. Thanks for clarifying, Ben! I'll let our developers know about this issue.