[v6 General Discussion] Stop the Auto-expansion of Songs in Schedule?

Is there any way to stop the songs from auto-expanding when I'm dragging and dropping a new song into the schedule? It has happened quite a bit now, both for me and my pastors, that we are about to drop a song into the schedule when suddenly the song above/below auto-expands, and suddenly the location where we wanted to drop the new song is now moved up or down, and most often out of view. One of the pastors is finding it quite frustrating.

I'll add this to the request list. There currently is not an option for this to be disabled.
Perhaps they can double dwell time before expanding a deck, maybe 2+ seconds.
I would also like an option to disable auto-expansion. It serves no useful purpose for my users and me.
I would also like an option to disable auto-expansion please.

There is an option to turn this off in the next build. I do not have a date but it will be soon.