[v6 General Discussion] Replacing Files

So in EasyWorship6 I can place songs, video, and PowerPoints into the schedule. So what I'm wondering is, if I overwrite the file that was placed, and the overwrite includes some changes to the file, will these changes be reflected in the schedule the next time I open EasyWorship6? In other words, does EW6 embed the files that are placed in the schedule, or does it simply link to them?

If I make changes to the file, do I need to remove the file from the schedule and re-add it to the schedule?

Case in point: I have a video the I've placed in a schedule. I've made some changes to the video. If I overwrite the file, will these changes be reflected in the schedule the video is placed in?

EW6 embeds the media file into schedule so changes to original media file won't appear in schedule version. You're correct in the deleting schedule version and replacing it with an updated version.
How great it would be, for a refresh option on items.

Our pastor uses powerpoint (a lot) - and aside from the occasional stability issues, my main problem is that we run through a lot of iterations and last minute updates. Each and every time, it requires the operator to delete the item from schedule, add the item again and place it in the correct place.
Hello EW Support,

I am just joining this discussion as we've just started using EW6 again, as the first versions were too difficult.

Having to Remove and replace songs, PPT media etc when they are updated is very annoying.
From using EW2009 for many years, it used to refresh songs, PPT's etc was invaluable.
Now we have to remember to edit the song, prior to putting it into the schedule to prevent double-handling.
I understood that EW2009 also embedded the media into the schedule, as many of the files were quite large.

Adjunct to that is, when in EW2009, IF I highlighted a song in a schedule, it would find it in the database to make editing easier.
In EW6, you have to retype the search, find the song, edit the song, remove the old one, repost the new one.
None of which was needed in EW2009. I am confused by that methodology.
Or am I missing something?
I am using Ver 6 Build 4.8

Thank you.
Adding my voice to this request...
Issue is well described already, nothing else to add.
This is definitely the next "pain point" to fix on my wish list.