[v6 General Discussion] Unstable Easyworship 6 client


EasyWorship 6 has crashed serveral times for us, I wonder if there's anything I can do to make it more stable?
We got a pretty good PC and the EasyWorship 2009 never crashed.

I enjoy some of the new functions in the new version.
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First make sure the software is up to date.
Click on help, about EasyWorship.
It should be 6.1.9.
Also make sure you have updated your video card driver to the latest driver.
Make sure all system updates are installled.
If it still crashes, you'll need to call support and let one of our techs troubleshoot the issue.
Also make sure the computer isn't overheating, and there isn't any excessive dust buildup inside the computer.
Make sure the computer is connected to a battery backup unit if it's a desktop computer. This has proven to help with weird issues caused by power drains and spikes.