[v6 General Discussion] Windows Resource Errors

EW6 crashed this morning during our 2nd of 3 services. Service 1 went fine, but in the middle of service 2, I started getting Windows Resource Errors. Fortunately, since we're very early with EW6, I had a backup EW2009 file I could move to, but it was still awkward and disrupted the service.

What would happen after running the program for about 3 hours to suddenly have resource errors? Sorry I don't have the specific wording, but given the urgency at the moment, there was no time to take screen shots or write anything down.

I've been using EW for many years, and I've liked the program. 6 just doesn't seem very stable.

I would appreciate any suggestions or observations.

OS: Windows 8.1
EW6 Version: 6 Build 1.9
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We have reported this to our developers and they are working on it.
Thanks for reporting.