[v6 General Discussion] Cannot Play AVI Files EW6 ERROR: Unable to connect to VMR

I have several Easter videos I created years ago for EW, but on a newer computer I cannot Play an AVI file in EW6 Build 1.9 (plays outside of EW).

Error Message Below:

FILE - 4/4/2015 3:33:15 PM
ERROR: Unable to connect to VMR
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\Resources\Videos\Palm Sunday & Easter (Jesus Arrives & Carries Cross) Sl
AVI Splitter
DV Video Decoder
Video Mixing Renderer 9

Please Help!
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You'll probably have to install the K-Lite codec pack to handle this file.
EasyWorship isn't finding a DirectShow decoder that can handle the video properly.
Unfortunately AVI is a wrapper that can be used for almost any video format.
It's hard to tell what format it really is.
Here is a link to the K-Lite codec pack.