[v6 General Discussion] Bug - Unable to save Schedule after song edit

Due to our history with EW we do frequent saves during the building of a schedule. Typically after each song or PP or DVD clip is added/edited. The next steps are to edit the verse and chorus used. I mean some songs have 4 verses but the choir director only wants verses 1,2 & 4.
I can make any type of change and when I click "OK" all edits are viewable in the schedule however the "save" button for the schedule is greyed out and I have no option to "save" the new version of the schedule.
If EW is closed i get no pop-up asking me to save changes and when EW is relaunched and that same schedule is opened all changes previously made are lost (not saved).
Our work around, once we have made the edits to the song, we can force the save button to be active by simply clicking in the "notes" section of the song in the schedule view then somewhere else on the screen. Instantly the save button is active and we can save our work. Thanks, Keith
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I've been using the File>Save as option to get round this. I have noticed that in some circumstances, after editing a schedule the Save button is greyed out when I would expect it to be active, File>Save as has never not let me save.