[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint not playing or 150% larger


We are having issues with our power point presentations. We nearly always have to try both different methods of uploading the files; through the schedule or through the media outlet. Often we try doing both options uploading, deleting and doing it all over again until it potentially works. Other times we have to restart our entire easyworship program and reopen our schedule in a last attempt to get it to play on the screens. Sometimes it just won't work all together no matter what we do, and sometimes when we finally get it up, it may be so enlarged that you can only see the top left 25% of the slide.

Having these issues every service and need help, please!!

1. Power point not displaying on screen
2. Power point displaying at ~150% enlargement


Please make sure you have EasyWorship 6.1.8 and not an older build.
Click on help, and check for updates and see if there is an update to download.
This should not be an issue with later updates.
Also click on the Edit menu, options, advanced and make sure the option to use PowerPoint viewer is unchecked.
Thanks for the response. I do have the EasyWorship 6.1.8 update, and I also have the PowerPoint viewer option unchecked. Unfortunately, we are still having issues even after that.
Right click on the EasyWorship icon.
Click on properties.
Click on compatibility.
Uncheck the option to disable display scaling for high dpi... if it is checked.
It is not checked.

I did today's update though (1.9) and it seems OK. I'll update in a few days if we encounter it again.