[v6 General Discussion] DVD clip editor - how?

How does the DVD clip editor work. I've put two different DVDs in on two different PCs, but in both cases all I get when I "add DVD clip" under Media, is a black screen and the DVD does not play. All the other controls, such as "Mark in" and "Mark out" are greyed out. I have ticked "Used preferred DVD codec" in Edit>Options>Advanced. I am using commercially produced DVDs (Antz and Skyfall - neither of which I would necessarily use in a worship context, but they are all I have to hand to experiment with!) Both DVDs play happily enough on the PCs outside EW6.

Is there something I am missing? Any guidance would be welcome.

After some searching on this forum, I have found the solution for one PC at least, by installing DScaler for DVD playback. The information was tucked away under a "Video pausing" question in the forum. Searching for "DVD playback" in the forum search box returned no matches. Hopefully the same solution will work on the church PC.
You can also find this information in EasyWorship 6 under help, EasyWorship Help, Technical, Video Decoders for EasyWorship 6.
Or you can also find it at the following link. https://easyworship.com/help/default.htm#C_Technical/Video%20Decoders.htm%3FTocPath%3DTechnical%2520Topics%7C_____3:2ft7l2mr]Video Decoders for EasyWorship 6