[v6 General Discussion] Presentation Remote for Android

Is there anyway of using EW6 with Presentation Remote App for Android?

My idea is to have a Phone or Tablet in Synch with the PC. Sometimes, our Pastor came with a presentation in PowerPoint or Prezi, and it's harder to know when we have to go to the next slide. So, I´d tested the App, and it works great. But, now I'm trying to go further and do the same with EW.

In case you say that this App wont work propherly, do you know any other way to do that?


I achieved this by using ScreenVNC on an Android connected via WiFi to the PC.

Here's the details:
1. Installed UltraVNC 1.0.9 Server on our EasyWorship computer.
2. Turned the Windows firewall off (should have just created an appropriate rule)
3. Installed ScreenVNC on an Android tablet (Kogan, 7" screen; this was in 2013; later models would work better).

Both the tablet and the PC were on the same network, connected via WiFi.
(We were meeting in a cinema; the PC was at the back of the cinema; the tablet was used from the front row.)

I also tested other VNC clients on Android; ScreenVNC worked the best.

Could clear words OK.
Could zoom in OK.
Could pan OK.
Scroll-bar - if double-tapped it quickly, can grab it and scroll it.
Two-finger scorlling in a pane works OK.

In other words, I had enough control of the windows PC from the table to do everything.

There was minor lag - taps needed to be definite and done slightly sooner. Otherwise, it was quite usable.
However, we didn't use it permanently.

I also installed a VNC Client on a Netbook, connected to the main PC via Wifi; again, the only real problem was the lag. You might get a better response with better hardware.
thanks for information...
I started using Easyworship Remote Client yesterday and it seems to do some basic functions such as Next Item, Previous Line, Next Line, Clear, Blank and volume control. You may want to check it out in the PlayStore. Require a free small EWserver program installed on the PC running EW.

I've used Teamviewer on occasions. It's free and clones the desktop/laptop screen to an Android tablet. Computer and tablet need to be on the same network. It works quite well for me.

I hope this helps.