[v6 General Discussion] Song Creation Error

I can't create a song. Either by copy and paste or by typing. I can't even save a song with no text applied, just a title. The error i get is:

Error executing SQL "INSERT INTO word (song_id, words) VALUES(1528, '{\rtf1\ansi\deff0\sdeasyworship
{\fontbl{\f0 Tahoma;}}
{\colortbl ;}
{\pard\qc\qdef\sdewparatemplatesstyle101\plain\sdewtemplatestyle101\fs28{\*\dsfreal14\sdfsauto\par}}'})" : column song_id is not unique.

This error occurs no matter what name I try to save it as.

This morning I got to wondering if this is a Database error. I tried creating a new profile (called it 'local') and browsed to one of my old EW databases. EW6 offered to use the old data, I said OK and it will now create songs to that old database. It will not create a new song to the "Default" EW6 database. I tried saving the song to the 'local' profile, moving it to the "My Collection" list, changing to the "Default" profile, and tried accessing it, not there. I tried saving the song to a Schedule while using the 'Local' profile and reopening it when using the 'Default' profile, no go.

Do I need to re-index my 'Default' profile somehow???
I have the same problem.
Error pop-up picture: [url:1oq3iyvl]https://1drv.ms/i/s!Aq98xQRql0qKgvpMoRMFYrh3Dv1_9A
Is there a solution for this problem?
The first thing we usually check in this situation is where the database is stored. If it is stored in dropbox or another cloud drive folder, chances are, there has been a mismatch of song files do to file conflicts.
Our database is actually stored in dropbox. How can I test whether there is a mismatch, or match the song files again?
go to the folder and look for conflict copies. Chances are you'll have to restore and archive.
I have a solution. First I deleted conflict copies. No success. Than I restored archived files. No success. Then I deleted the profile and reinstalled it. No success. Then I uninstalled Easyworship and installed it again. No success.
Then I removed the Demo Data and installed the Demo Data again. Now it all works fine again. The installing of the demo data makes a form of reset to the profile. Every file changes, but the songs remain. I think that was the solution.
Thanks for sharing this. Good information!