[v6 General Discussion] Is there an easy way to add extra choruses

Lets say I want to use "All things bright and beautiful". I add it to the schedule and look at the slides. In my version, I see that the chorus appears only once. Clearly when live I can click on a verse then the chorus then the next verse and then click back up on the chorus again. But suppose I want to run this using a remote. To do that I would like to set it up in the schedule with a chorus slide between each verse slide. I thought that there might be an easy way to do this - e.g. Cntl + click and drag a chorus to copy and paste it, but I can't see an easy way to do this.

Any ideas?


1. Highlight the verse/chorus text in the Words tab; include Label
2. Press Ctrl-C to copy
3. Position cursor where you want new slide then press Ctrl-Enter
4. Press Ctrl-V to paste

Repeat #3 and #4 for additional copies of same text.
Thanks Frank. Its a little more fiddly than I had thought (I had expected to be ably to copy and paste a slide) but your solution works well. Now I'll try and get my head round some of the other problems!